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It is without question that the ultimate way to avoid non-operational machinery is to install secondary systems; one back-up when the other fails. For this reason, obvious components are doubled such as separated battery packs. The engine’s electric starter though is not redundant and is breaching the sense of security.


Most modern diesel engines are electronically controlled. Engine Control Units are operating in a limited parameter range. The engines’ management system will shut down when the lower voltage limit is reached, even though sufficient energy is available to adequately crank the engine. Appropriately sized power supplies by full charged batteries, low voltage drop over the main power cables, battery isolation switches and a healthy starter is absolutely necessary for guaranteed trouble free starting. Starting problems can be reduces when cranking is not voltage supply dependent. This only is achievable when no current is taken by large consumers like the starter motor.


A mechanical spring starter is able to kick-start the motor without use of current. When in operation, the batteries are relieved and sufficient power will remain to feed the other electrical components.

STEYR MOTORS is a leading engine brand in the maritime rescue area. These engines are utilized in hyper-baric life boats, free-fall boats and fast rescue crafts. The engines do fulfil the international mission rules and are therefore equipped with an electronic management system. In order to keep the engine reliable under all kinds of external influences it is an option to complete the system with an additional spring starter. This spring starter is assembled within the bell housing that enables the operator and service technician easy access and does not lengthen the standard footprint of the engine with transmission package.

Spring starter

Energized by
Output energy
Max. winding
Additional weight

Spring starter
Manual generated potential energy
Nom 1000 Joules
95 Nm
Load 61 Nm
STEYR MOTORS 4 cylinder
Bell housing 0,3 kg
Adapter 2 kg
Starter 19 kg

  • IMO-SOLAS compliant
  • Crew confidence support
  • Redundant back-up system
  • Less down time
  • Easy access
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